Telesales Distribution

Telesales Distribution

It’s been proven that 80% of your disqualified leads will end up purchasing products and services that you offer within the next two years. Will they purchase from you, or from your competitors? Well nurtured leads represent an unbelievable opportunity. Many marketers focus almost entirely on new lead generation, often not realizing that the most valuable list is the one you already own. With the need for constant growth, Marketing Directors are constantly seeking new prospects to introduce to their programs. Management tracks the ROI on front-end lead generation and closely monitors conversion rates.

In addition, we have found that most Marketing Directors convert less than 5% of their prospects. The remaining 95% of unconverted prospects have now been exposed to the brand and received an introduction, however did not fully complete the conversion process. The prospective buyer may have decided to postpone their purchase for a variety of reasons including finances, timing or even credibility of the company. The company has now invested a significant amount of money to generate that prospect, only to have them fall to the bottom of a sales agent’s inbox.

We offer Telesales distribution for all of our lead providers creating sales of the remaining 95% of the unconverted prospects. Adogy deliver customers.

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