Text Marketing

Text Marketing

The hottest and one of the most successful Direct Response Marketing methods today is text marketing. Prospects simply text the offer in and they are immediately sent back, after confirmation, a message that can range from discount coupons to contest entries. Imagine including a text message offer on all your advertising to collect new phone numbers and email addresses for a continued stream of new leads that eventually become new sales for increased revenues. Adogy makes this possible for all of its customers to get the correct message in front of their customers.

When compared to other forms of direct offer advertising, nothing compares to the success rates of Mobile Advertising. With email open rates of less than 20% typically, you are almost guaranteed success with the delivery of your mobile message offer. We deliver customers.

Prospects and Clients receive instant gratification when they text the code from their cell phone, they are sent a confirmation reply and the offer arrives within seconds. Prospects and Customers are Excited and Driven to Participate. Coupons, Discounts and Contest Entries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unlimited potential of Mobile Marketing and Advertising.

Targeted Mobile Advertising leads to Increased Profit Margins. You have the ability to target your messages to anyone in the database because you are in control of the data you collect. From Zip Codes to Gender based marketing, the sky is the limit with Mobile Marketing and Advertising. It can be used to increased brand awareness and loyalty. Clients and Customers actually enjoy receiving time sensitive, pertinent information delivered in concise, targeted, bite sized informative messages. With the ability to target exactly the customer and client you want to advertise to, you can significantly reduce your advertising costs, thereby increasing your revenues. We deliver customers.

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