Glossary Add-on

Create glossaries on your site surrounding your topic focus. Hero images and 1000-word content with custom pricing based on volume

Built for WordPress

Powered by OpenAI


Your brand voice

Our AI trains on your brand voice and improves over time. It finds the right words at the right time for the right audience.

Digital media

Adogy delivers valuable digital media that develops credibility and authority in your industry.

GPT-4 language model

Our technology utilizes GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced LLM system, producing safer and more useful responses

DALLE-3 images

Adogy hosts a powerful image generation engine for brand-accurate art that will engage your audience.

Automate how you want

We allow you to choose how far you want automation to go. Deliver content into your WordPress as a draft status or a published article.

Glossary post-type option

Our developers can create a new post-type in your WordPress for glossary articles. Keep your main content feeds clean and syndication partners happy.

Anti-duplication tech

Adogy’s tech identifies previously created glossary articles to avoid duplicate content. 

Expert byline availability

Our technology can deliver content under the byline of expert(s) for review. Build EEAT with your glossary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover more about our glossary services

Our service process begins with two calls. The first call is a free glossary strategy consultation. The purpose of this session is to learn more about your company and to strategize what the best plan of action would be for your team. After the first call, our team schedules a kickoff call. The purpose of this call is to have teams meet and to finalize the scope of the contract. This call lets us explore topic focuses for your company and specific elements of the brand that we should know about. 

Our standard service package is a 6-month term contract. However, we allow for a 3-month minimum contract for those who need shorter term lengths. This gives us ample time to setup and start publishing on your site.

Unique from other agencies, Adogy bases all contracts on deliverables. Our team will deliver monthly glossary articles guaranteed for a set monthly price. For example, 1000 articles per month at $2 per article for $2,000 / monthly. We do a 500 article minimum per month. At the beginning of each month, our accounting team sends an invoice. 

Given the automated nature of the process, all articles within a project will adhere to a predefined template. While this template is customizable to incorporate specific tones, it’s crucial to note that instructing AI to adopt particular tones or ways of expression increases the likelihood of repeated phrases over time. For instance, if prompting the AI to speak from the perspective of a mother, it might exhibit repetition, such as using the phrase “As a mother.” However, AI’s performance can vary—it can either produce repetitive patterns or perform flawlessly. The challenge lies in striking a balance between achieving the desired voice and avoiding excessive repetition of phrases, as AI exhibits both predictability and unpredictability.

Our goal is to protect and develop your company’s brand. To do this, your team must help us learn more about your brand image and brand vision. After we understand your goals, your team can focus on amplifying our efforts. One of the best opportunites for your team is to assign a review board to the glossary. This will develop EEAT for your authors and your publication.

Of course! In the pre-publishing stage, your team can provide suggestions for article “templates” and glossary-types. This allows you to choose which terms fit your target audience. Your team will also be able to approve a few example articles before publishing begins. Our goal is to set things up for success! However, once publishing has begun, while we can optimize templates, we will not be able to make major changes without additional fees. 

Yes, our technology creates DALLE-3 art based on your brand and the article topic. Each art piece is automatically uploaded with alt tags and proper SEO-optimization for images.