SEO Services

Top-tier organic search for small to medium size companies.

Why Organic Search?

A Fast-paced Ever Changing Digital World

It is essential to have a strong online presence to stay relevant and always present. 

Be Omni-Present

With the rise of the internet and online news platforms, content distribution and channels has changed forever. To be heard, your company needs to shift too. 

Become a Digital Thought-leader

Information, both good and bad, is everywhere. People tend to look for credible sources for what to do and how to make purchases. Become a digital thought-leader in your search results.

The Power of Organic Seach

High Click-Through

Click-through-rates (CTRs) on search results are often higher than paid ads or other types of advertising. Customers on search have intent and know what they want. 

Long Term Results

Once a website ranks for relevant keywords and phrases, it can provide consistent leads and business over time.  

Targeted traffic

Use SEO to target and aim for audiences that fit your value-proposition. Ask yourself, would you rater have 5 great leads or 20 bad leads? 

What Adogy Offers

We use and maintain pre-existing relationships.

The power in our agency is in our relationships with both our clients and journalists. We work diligently to understand and uphold the editorial standards of publications time after time, which is why we have built strong relationships and ties. 

Simple Backlink Deliverables by Website Authority

Adogy flipped the business model of PR agencies by offering simple digital media deliverables for customers. For SEO, you only will ever pay for guaranteed link placements, and will never hear from us that we “pitched” for no backlinking results.