Creating Amazing Client interactions

Advised Adobe Search team on growing and creating product.  Now has over 100,000 customers.  Helped manage and create product from idea to inception with team of 12 members from Adobe.  Great customer base through connections and leveraging powerful search partners.

Increase social engagement on Google+ by 230% in first year.

Helped launch and grow brand to be one of the Top 25 Hosting Companies in the World.  Grew company to 40,000+ customers in 3 years through SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media.  Managed all online marketing for past 4+ years.  Launched book and Elements of Hosting Infographic.

When we started with the Adogy team we were around 10k a month in online revenue.  We have 10x that in the past 3 years due to the amazing efforts and skills behind Adogy.  They manage everything online and we see a large growth each and every month.

Managed content strategy and content growth for Joomla Magazine.  Helped grow social media 100k+ followers.

Grew Affiliate Program to be our largest sales chanel and 30% of our Revenue/Profit each month.  Helped grow company 80% year over year for the past 2+ years.

Increased readership by 15% month over month.  Brought unique skills that helped grow site to become a top 1000 Alexa site as well as Adage Top 100 Blogs and Top 3 SEO Websites in the World.

Advised Serps on growing company from 10 customers to over 2,000 paying customers.  Helped implement and grow content strategy and procedures.

Lowered cost per conversion from $32 to under $8 in 6 months through Adwords.  Started BingAds campaign and grew to a 6 figured monthly spend while maintaining $8 CPA.

Started Adwords Remarketing Campaign that attracted 400+ people to conference in 2012 and 2013.  Helped infuse our YouTube videos which caused a 15% spike in organic traffic in 3 months.  Continues to grow today!

Managed YouTube growth from 120,000 views to 25+ Million views.  Helped grow brand and social growth to 5+ Million Views a month as well as 100K+ uniques to our website.  Transformed free website into site that has 1000's of paying customers.

Grew company from 1 local region to 26 local regions.  Increased organic traffic from 100 registered users to 50,000 registered users in first year.  Expecting 2x that this year.  Social engagement is up 10x.

Managed 50K a month Adwords spend for NonProfit through Google Grants. Created and implemented new site design.  Tripled organize searched terms through SEO.  Great Public TV Show readership and took it online.

Launched Local SEO campaign that's driven 1000's of customers and interactions to local business.  Build 100's of citations that are all getting reviews and interactions.

Developed backend, front end and complete site.  Implimented SEO and Affiliate Strategy that attracted 80,000+ customers in first 42 days of launch.  Ended up selling company to large Real Estate firm on day 42.

Grew site to 12,000+ bloggers and content providers.  Managed blogging and growth for company and took from inception to what it is today.  Launched Top 25 Hosting Companies Infographic that currently still brings in 400+ uniques a day to site.

Completed a full site redesign that increase revenue 200% in the past 2 years.  Managed content strategy that helped grow our organic traffic by 30% each year.

Managed Adwords spend.  Took CPA from $22+ to lower than $8 per customer.  Increased cart size from $65 to $85+.

Grew social media 2000%+ in the first 6 months.  Increased interactions to 3+ RT on average tweet and 200+ interactions on each Facebook post, 6+ interactions on Google plus.   Doubled revenue in first year through online marketing efforts of team at Adogy.  Increased Adwords conversions from 50/month to 3500+ a month while maintaining a low CPA.

Grew online presence by 30% in 8 months through SEO efforts

Developed online strategy, improved online growth by 400%

Lowered cost per click by $.15 overall and CPA by $3 per new customer.

We were lacking on our SEO.  Adogy took us from not ranking to ranking for 8 of our top 10 terms in 9 months.  We continue to rank for all those terms plus many more today.  Great our Facebook page through intnernanctions.

Launched social campaign that grew revenue 18% in 1 month.  Tripled social media followers in 3 months.

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