About Us:

Adogy is a specialized, boutique PR agency that focuses on high-quality digital placements for brand credibility and organic search. 

Our brain is always split between creative, strategic, and the data analytics. 


Credible brands are trusted to deliver on what they say they will. Consumers believe in not just their products and services, but in their commitment to their mission and values. 

These days, convincing people to trust a brand calls for digital PR. Brands that continuously appear in relevant conversations, with positive and insightful messaging, become brands that consumers trust. 


Authoritative brands influence others. They don’t merely contribute to the conversation; they lead it. 

Although digital PR plays a role in that, it’s not the secret ingredient. A cohesive content and thought leadership strategy is what your brand needs to become the authority in its space. 



Being visible isn’t just about being seen. Visible brand appear everywhere that they’re relevant, that includes search results.

If your brand wants to be visible, it needs to own its keywords. Our off-page SEO services can boost your rankings for relevant keyword clusters. 

Clients and Culture

Adogy is laser-focused on delivering real results for their clients without taking themselves too seriously in the process. Our team has a true work-hard-play-hard mindset. Strong relationships, internally and externally, are the bedrock of our business. We are authentic to the core and our values include integrity, honesty, trust, and helpfulness. But, who do we work with?

We work with brands as small as one person to Fortune 500s all looking to get published in a variety of publications from household names to specialized niches. We love to work with brands looking to make the world a better place. 


Tim Worstell | Chief of Digital Strategies

Tim Worstell has owned multiple startup companies over the last 25 years. Currently, Tim serves as the chief of digital strategies for Adogy. Tim leads a team of brand strategists, SEO experts, and editors. 

He has a “next level, go big or go home” entrepreneurial spirit that– combined with his experience in multiple sectors– has created significant, measurable and repeated results for his clients.


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