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On-page SEO Report

Analysis of title tag, target keyword in title tag, meta description tag, target keyword in meta description tag, SERP snippet preview, keyword consistency, header usage, SSL usage, sitemap availability, and more.

Keyword Rankings Analysis

Smart quick, analysis of your site for top keyword rankings, total traffic from search, and top keyword positions.

Link Overview

Summary of your backlinks, top backlinks, top pages by backlinks, top anchors by backlinks, top geographies, on-page links, friendly links, and target keywords in URL.

Usability Report

Full usability report about device rendering, use of mobile viewports, Google's Core Web Vitals, PageSpeed Insights for Mobile, PageSpeed Insights for Desktop, Flash usage, favicon, email privacy, font sizing, and more.

Performance Results

Performance result report on page speed, download page size, website compression (Gzip, Deflate, Brotili), Numbers of objects loaded, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Javascript errors, HTTP2 Usage, image optimization, minification, deprecated HTML, and inline styles.

Social Overview

Overview of Facebook pages linked, facebook Facebook Open Graph tags, Facebook Pixel checker, X accounts linked, X cards, Instagram linked, Youtube channel linked, YouTube channel activity checker, LinkedIn page linked.

Local SEO and Credibility Analysis

Reports of address and phone shown on website, local business schema, Google Business Profile identified, Google Business Profile completeness, and Google reviews.

Technology Stack Analysis

Analysis of technology list, server IP address, DNS servers, web servers, chartset, and more.

Audit your site to set up a growth foundation.

Understand your next steps with our SEO audit tool

Our tool provides a PDF report of all the good, bad, awesome, and ugly of your site. Simply enter your site URL and email above.

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Search engines like Google prioritize websites with high authority when ranking search results. By building authority, your website gains trust and recognition, leading to higher search engine rankings.

Credible websites are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy sources of information by both users and search engines. This credibility can positively impact your search engine rankings

Increased exposure means more visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to higher organic traffic and improved search rankings over time.

Optimizing your website’s performance can positively impact its search engine rankings by improving user experience and site accessibility.

Tool Reviews

"I've been using Adogy's consultation tool for a couple of sites in my portfolio, and I'm blown away by the depth of the report. As someone who's not very tech-savvy, I found the tool incredibly easy-to-use."
Adam Sendler
Standart Ventures
"I've tried several website audit tools in the past, but none of them compare to this one. Not only is it free, but it also provides in-depth insights into every aspect of my website's SEO, from technical issues to content optimization. The tool is user-friendly and delivers results quickly, allowing me to make necessary improvements without wasting time."
Mike Stuart
E-commerce Entreprenuer

Frequently asked questions

Our audit tool is designed to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance across various aspects of SEO, usability, performance, and credibility. Simply enter the URL of your homepage and your email address, and our tool will generate a detailed PDF report within about 30 seconds.


The audit report covers several key areas, including:

  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Keyword rankings analysis
  • Link overview
  • Usability report
  • Performance results
  • Social media overview
  • Local SEO analysis
  • Credibility analysis
  • Technology stack analysis

Once you’ve entered your homepage URL and email address, you can expect to receive your audit report within approximately 30 seconds. We strive to provide fast and accurate results to help you optimize your website effectively.


Yes, our website audit tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or subscriptions required. Simply enter your information, and you’ll receive your detailed audit report at no cost.


Absolutely! The audit report is designed to highlight areas where your website can be optimized for better performance, visibility, and user experience. You’ll receive actionable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions and enhance your website’s overall effectiveness.


We take data privacy and security seriously. Your email address is only used to send you the audit report, and we do not share your information with third parties. Additionally, we use encryption and other security measures to protect your data throughout the auditing process.


Certainly! If you have any questions or need further assistance interpreting the audit report or implementing recommendations, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you make the most of your website audit and improve your online presence.

SEO Consultation Guide

Consultation reports like ours can offer critical insights to refine your site’s SEO. This perspective will explain why it is important and provide more information on how to use our tool!

Main points

  • A free SEO consultation provides critical insights and a comprehensive strategy to improve your website’s SEO performance, helping to enhance organic leads, brand awareness, and business growth.
  • Customized SEO strategies developed from free consultations include in-depth site analysis, content optimization, and action plans tailored to a business’s unique objectives. These strategies offer long-term success and an edge over competitors.
  • SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, strategic adaptations to search engine updates, and maintaining high-quality content for sustained organic traffic growth and achieving long-term SEO success.

Adogy’s SEO consultation report offers you:

  • A lucid insight into your website’s current SEO performance
  • A blueprint for enhancement
  • Assessment of your website’s health
  • Uncovering potential opportunities to grow your online presence

Exciting, isn’t it?

The Importance of a Website’s SEO Health

We all know the importance of regular health check-ups. But did you know that your website needs them too? SEO experts use tools such as Google Analytics to assess a website’s current performance, including website traffic. They examine metrics like traffic flow and keyword rankings during the initial review.

Our tool provides a quick overview and summary of your overall site health and examines webpage speed. 

How to Best Use Our SEO Consultation Report [Step-by-step]

Getting started with a free site audit tool? First, enter the URL of the site’s homepage that you want to audit into the tool. Click the ‘Analyze my site’ button or equivalent to initiate the site audit process.

Once the report is complete, follow these steps to review and prioritize the findings:

  1. Review the overview section of the audit report for a summary of your website’s health and performance metrics.
  2. Pay attention to critical errors and warnings highlighted in the report as these may require immediate action.
  3. Use the detailed recommendations provided by the audit tool to understand what needs to be fixed and why.
  4. Prioritize issues based on their severity, impact, and the effort required to resolve them.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the layout of our PDF, if you want to help out a client or a friend.

Key Elements Analyzed by Our Consultation Report

Free SEO consultation tools, such as our audit tool, provide immediate insights into site performance, enhancing SEO and user satisfaction.

A thorough site audit encompasses an analysis of:

On-Page Optimization Factors

On-page content is a crucial component of any SEO strategy.

Free site consultation tools scrutinize your content, checking for keyword density, relevance, and overall quality to enhance searchability.

They also examine metadata such as titles and descriptions, ensuring these elements are optimized for better search engine rankings.

Furthermore, these tools review your website structure, including header tags, and on-page elements like internal links and alt attributes for images.

For instance, SE Ranking’s AI-based on-page SEO audit provides a detailed checklist with suggestions for enhancing the performance of low-performing pages.

This thorough examination of on-page factors is critical to improving your site’s visibility and user experience.

Off-Page Optimization Factors

Off-page SEO significantly affects how your website fares in search engine rankings.

One fundamental component of off-page SEO that audit tools analyze is backlinks.

These tools scrutinize your website’s backlink profile, including the total number of backlinks and their quality.

High-quality and relevant backlinks are crucial as they signal to search engines the credibility and authority of your website.

The cumulative impact of strong backlinks can increase a website’s domain authority, thus enhancing its potential for higher search rankings.

Therefore, thoroughly understanding and managing your off-page SEO factors are integral to your overall SEO strategy.

Technical SEO Factors

Technical SEO factors significantly impact website performance and user experience.

Our SEO consultation tool will identify and recommend improving slow page loads, a joint technical SEO issue.

They also assess mobile-friendliness and provide recommendations, which is crucial, as websites with better mobile experiences tend to engage and convert users more effectively.

Additionally, these tools check aspects such as page load performance and HTML tag issues and analyze site crawlability using tools like Google Search Console.

Properly addressing these technical SEO factors is integral to maintaining overall site health, as recognized in technical audits that outline critical issues and track resolutions over time.

How to Interpret and Implement Our Consultation Report

Interpreting and implementing site audit results is a crucial step in optimizing your website performance.

Site audit tools such as Semrush and SEOmator provide detailed explanations of issues, SEO scores, and direct re-crawl options.

This helps you understand the issues impacting your site’s performance and the steps needed to rectify them.

Comparing current audit results with past audits allows the identification of resolved or new issues and the tracking of progress over time.

To effectively utilize your consultation results, it is important to assess the effort and potential SEO impact of each identified issue before taking action.

For example, implementing fixes for duplicate content may involve using canonical tags to indicate preferred URLs, or setting up 301 redirects.

Prioritizing Action Items

Successful search engine optimization management requires effective prioritization of action items.

It’s advisable to start with high-value, low-effort SEO activities, as they offer the quickest wins and allow for efficient resource use.

These tasks often involve simple fixes that can significantly improve your site’s performance.

After addressing these quick wins, you can then tackle tasks that are of high-effort and high-value.

These tasks require more resources but also have a significant impact on performance and SEO.

Tasks should be prioritized based on the severity of the issues and the potential positive impact correcting these issues could have on the website’s performance and SEO.

It’s also prudent to defer or completely avoid tasks determined to be of low value to prevent wasting time and resources on activities that have little impact on website success.

Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Strategy

Monitoring progress and adjusting your SEO strategy based on audit results is an essential part of SEO management.

Modern SEO strategies must be continuously improved over time, responding to evolving buyer behaviors and search engine advancements to maintain effectiveness.

Tracking the effectiveness of each SEO change is essential, and strategies must be adapted based on the results observed and the ever-changing search engine priorities.

Tools like ContentKing’s real-time monitoring and its proprietary Importance metric provide 24/7 updates which are crucial for assessing the ongoing value of pages in contributing to site performance. T

his continuous monitoring allows you to proactively manage your SEO, leading to better results.

Common Site Issues and How to Fix Them

Our consultation report can identify server errors that impact SEO performance. Resolving these errors involves checking server configuration and error logs to correct the issues.

However, SEO tasks like fixing crawl errors and optimizing for social media signals are often overvalued. Focus on tasks with more significant SEO impact instead of achieving a specific keyword density or adjusting domain registration length.

Using alternative tools like WPScans provides a quick, comprehensive scan of potential issues, allowing for a broad overview of areas needing attention on a website.

This helps you identify and address common site audit issues effectively, improving your website’s performance and SEO ranking.

1. Broken Links and Redirects

Broken links and redirects can significantly impact your website’s performance.

Free site audit tools can identify these issues by crawling the website.

They check for broken internal and external links and generate reports for redirects and pages with 404 response codes.

Our tool currently doesn’t check for broken links. 

Broken internal links often occur due to deleted or moved pages, incorrect URL entry, or unpredictable changes after a site migration.

Redirects using 3XX status codes are common but can be problematic if they create loops or chains longer than ten hops, interfering with the search engine’s ability to consolidate signaling properly.

These issues damage the user experience and can result in lost website traffic and diminished SEO value, underscoring the need for timely identification and resolution through effective internal linking strategies.

2. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content on different webpages or across various websites can harm SEO by creating overlap that offers no added value and potentially leads to issues with search rankings.

Our tool currently doesn’t check for duplicate content.

Search engines like Google aim to showcase original content, potentially demoting pages with duplicate content if they cannot determine the source.

Due to duplicate content, backlinks may be diluted across similar pages, reducing their overall link equity and impact on search engine rankings.

Duplicate content can consume a website’s crawl budget, causing search engine crawlers to waste resources and possibly decreasing the site’s visibility in search results.

Therefore, resolving duplicate content issues is crucial to maintaining a robust SEO strategy and enhancing your site’s visibility in search engine results.

3. Slow Page Loading Times

Slow page loading times can severely impact user experience and SEO.

Technical SEO analysis from our SEO consultation often highlights slow page load times as a significant issue affecting user experience and search engine rankings.

Tools such as the YSlow Performance Audit conduct a comprehensive performance scan and offer a report on performance rules crucial for page speed optimization.

GTmetrix generates various scores, including SEO score, to benchmark site performance and page load times, facilitating the identification of improvement areas.

Optimizing technical components like GZip compression is recommended during SEO audits to enhance page load speeds. Addressing these issues can improve your site’s performance, leading to a better user experience and improved SEO rankings.


About the creators

At Adogy, we firmly believe that building online credibility, authority, and visibility is the foundation of success for most startups. Our mission is to empower businesses by providing comprehensive, data-driven SEO solutions that propel their online presence to new heights. 

Using our expertise in SEO, we wanted to provide a comprehensive tool for free to help people audit their own businesses. Whether you are a client or a stranger on the internet, we provide our consultation tool for 100% free.

In addition to providing this tool, Adogy specializes in strategic digital PR and SEO placements. By tapping into our established relationships with top-tier publications, we secure high-authority placements that drive targeted traffic and position our clients as thought leaders within their respective industries.

We believe that effective PR and SEO are team efforts, and we work closely with our clients to align our strategies with their desired outcomes. Whether your goal is to expand your reach, drive conversions, attract investments, or achieve any other objective, our dedicated team is committed to helping you succeed.

Our data-driven approach and unwavering commitment to delivering value empower businesses to build the industry credibility, authority, and visibility necessary for long-term success in the digital age.

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