How the Latest Google Core Update Impacts SEO Strategies

At 12:39 PM on August 22nd, 2023, Google officially announced its newest core algorithm update, marking the second major update of the year. This update aims to improve the quality of Google’s algorithm, ensuring that users receive the most relevant and accurate search results possible. While the rollout is expected to take approximately two weeks, it is crucial for SEOs to closely monitor their SERP rankings and total organic traffic during this period.

The Purpose of Google’s Core Update

Google’s core updates are designed to enhance the quality of its search algorithm, providing users with the most relevant and up-to-date search results. It is important to note that these updates do not target specific websites or pages, so there is no need to worry about manual penalties or de-indexing due to guideline violations. However, the update can impact websites differently, with some experiencing positive effects and others witnessing a decline in rankings.

The latest core update presents an opportunity for high-quality, relevant websites that may have been overlooked in the past. With the tweaks made to Google’s search algorithm, these websites could see significant boosts in their SERP rankings. Conversely, websites that were previously on top of the SERPs may experience a drop in rankings.

Google’s Updates in 2023

In 2023, there have been two core updates, with the most recent one being announced in August. Additionally, two review updates have taken place, one in April and a significant product reviews update in February. The SEO community eagerly awaits the impacts of the latest update, with some expressing confidence that it will benefit their websites. While Google officially announced the update on August 22nd, some SEOs claim to have observed evidence of it several days prior, with traffic drop-offs occurring before the official announcement. The rollout process will span a few weeks, with Google updating its ranking release history page once the update is complete.

Understanding the Impact on Website Rankings

It is essential to note that a decline in position rankings following a core update does not indicate any issues or ranking problems with the affected website. Instead, it signifies that other websites have seen an improvement in their rankings due to their higher quality and relevance.

Websites that experience a drop in rankings need to focus on enhancing the relevance, quality, and authoritativeness of their content. Embodying the principles of E-A-T (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) in content creation is crucial. This acronym gained an additional E in December 2022, emphasizing the importance of firsthand experience and evidence when providing reviews or insights.

Google’s team of quality raters plays a significant role in determining what constitutes a high-quality website, which subsequently influences the search algorithms. The latest core update is likely to consider E-A-T as a crucial factor, making it imperative for website owners to reflect these principles in their content.

Recommended Strategies for Recovery

Should a website witness negative impacts from the core update, Google offers a set of questions to help improve the quality of content and recover SERP rankings. It is important to note that pages that experience performance dips after core updates are not necessarily “wrong” in any way. To illustrate the process behind core updates, Google provides the analogy of refreshing a “best movies list” to reflect the changing times.

To enhance content quality and recover lost SERP rankings, website owners should consider the following questions provided by Google:

  1. Does the content contain original research, insights, or analysis?
  2. Does it provide a comprehensive overview of the topic beyond the obvious?
  3. If the content draws from other sources, does it offer originality and additional value beyond mere rewriting?
  4. Does the header accurately summarize the information in the content?
  5. Are exaggerated “click-bait” titles avoided?
  6. Is it the type of content that users would want to share on social media?

Answering these questions will help identify quality issues and guide improvements that can positively impact SERP rankings.

Final Thoughts: Navigating the August 2023 Core Update

Google’s latest core update will continue to roll out over the next few weeks, expected to conclude in early September. It remains uncertain whether a website will be affected by the update, and the impact is not always negative. If a website experiences a dip in SERP rankings, it is not indicative of any wrongdoing. The best course of action is to focus on improving content quality and relevance while adapting to the evolving search landscape.

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Q: How long will the rollout of the core update take? A: The rollout of the Google core update is expected to span approximately two weeks, with completion anticipated in early September.

Q: Will every website be affected by the update? A: Not every website will be affected in the same way. Some websites may see positive impacts, while others may experience a decline in rankings.

Q: Is a drop in rankings a sign of a problem with my website? A: No, a drop in rankings following a core update does not indicate any issues or problems with your website. It simply means that other websites have become more relevant and of higher quality.

Q: How can I recover if my site is negatively affected by the core update? A: To recover from any negative impacts, focus on improving the quality, relevance, and authoritativeness of your content. Follow Google’s recommended questions and incorporate E-A-T principles into your content creation.

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