How to Find a Good SEO Consultant

Are you looking for an expert to consult on your organic search ranking? Finding a consultant that knows what they are talking about is difficult. There are many scummy consultants who take advantage of individuals’ misunderstandings of SEO. With the potential of being scammed, it is important to understand how to find a good SEO consultant.

What is a Good SEO Consultant – 3 Actions

If a SEO consultant does these things, keep them close because they are probably one of the good ones:

Seeks Understanding

A good SEO consultant will seek to understand your product, features, and business in whole. If you are a new company, do not be afraid to share your idea and vision. Most consultants that ask deeper questions about your business are seeking to understand what niche your business is in. This helps consultant understand competitiveness of keyword clusters and the cost/value of working on SEO.

For example, a company ranking for national financial, banking related terms would take more money and time than a company ranking for local bars in town. If the SEO consultant does not seek to understand your company, then the consultant is most likely giving un-customized advice. A good SEO campaign should fit the company’s goals. It is the consultants job to understand, envision, and explain this fit.

Explains Things Clearly and Non-Technically

If a SEO consultant says, “this is too complicated for me to explain to you,” find another SEO consultant. While some details of SEO may be difficult to explain, there is no reason for a consultant to hide any details. You should expect your SEO consultant to explain what they are doing, the tools they are using, and the reasoning behind any conclusions they are making. Forbes made a great list of SEO terms to look out for when hiring a SEO consultant.

Is Honest and Realistic

SEO can be difficult and take a long time. While we would like someone to tell us we can be the #1 ranking for our keyword in one week, it is not likely. A good SEO consultant will not be afraid to break the difficult news to you, including the possibility of a keyword or keyword cluster being out of your budget. Words of advice: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Finding a Good SEO Consultant – 5 Actionable Ways

Here are 5 actionable ways to find a good SEO consultantL:

Ask Your Network For Referrals

Who can give more trusting referrals than your own network? Shoot out a LinkedIn post for Facebook message asking for referrals to good SEO consultant. Not only can your network tell you who to partner with, but also who they have had bad experiences with and to stay away from. With pre-built trust, your network is great first step to finding a consultant for organic search.

Search Through Online Lists of SEO Consultants

Find pre-built lists of SEO consultants on Google. In addition to not being much work to search through, guess who is going to rank the highest for lists of the best SEO consultants. Any ideas? Maybe, someone very talented at ranking high on Google? That’s right. The SEO competition of competitions is happening daily for search terms like “best seo consultants.” If an individual is able to rank high on a competitive search term like this one, then they are likely worth hiring for some SEO advice.

Find SEO Consultants with Positive Reviews

More straight-forward advice here. But, you would be surprised that some people hire SEO consultants without doing any research on their past work or past client satisfaction. An actual review is not on the SEO consultant’s homepage of their website. Use review websites or contact past clients to see true reviews of the consultant. This will give you a better understanding of who you might be hiring.

Ask a Non-Consultant Expert to Consult You Instead

Plenty of SEO experts are not consultants. Perhaps, you know of SEO experts who works for another company, but are not currently hosting a consulting business. Give the expert an offer to consult you on your businesses’ SEO on the side. The best thing about hiring this way is that you do not have to do as much due-diligence. While they may be too busy with their actual work, sometimes it may turn into a valuable consulting partnership.

Hire an Agency to Do it For You

Instead of dealing with a consultant and having to implement the strategies yourself, hire an agency that specializes in SEO and knows what they are doing. This way you know it is being done right. There are plenty of agencies out there. Similar to consultants, be sure to check reviews and past client satisfaction of the agency. Due-diligence can save you lots of time and money.

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