Reel-to-Article Automation

Influence should not be limited to select social media platforms. Embed powerful short-form videos into quality long-form articles for strong multi-media experiences. 

How does it work?

Our video-to-article translation platform will (1) generate text-based articles based on your short-form reels, tiktoks, shorts, (2) embed the short-form media in the article, (3) send the articles to your blog, publication or agency; and, (4) as a premium service, deliver the article throughout our network of publications for powerful exposure. 

Premium features

Organic placement

We acquire media coverage through the quality of our content, rather than by paying for it. Our stories are prominently featured in traditional news feeds and are not hidden or overlooked.


Valuable network

We collaborate with over 3,000 news outlets and provide services to the most esteemed news organizations, including Marketbeat, MotleyFool, Nasdaq, MSN, and Entrepreneur.

Guaranteed results

Thanks to our extensive network of publishers, we can ensure the effectiveness of every story we create and share on behalf of our brand partners.


Multi-platform compatibility

Our tech offers multi-platform compatibility. Turn your content into digital media no matter if you publish on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.