Definition of Gift with Purchase

Gift with Purchase (GWP) is a marketing strategy in which a customer receives a complimentary item or service upon purchasing a specific product or spending a certain amount. This tactic helps to incentivize sales, boost customer satisfaction, and encourage brand loyalty. Examples of GWP can include free samples, promotional merchandise, or discounted services.


The phonetics of the keyword “Gift with Purchase” are:Gift: /ɡɪft/with: /wɪð/Purchase: /ˈpɜr.tʃəs/

Key Takeaways

  1. Gift with Purchase incentivizes customers to make a purchase by offering a free gift once they reach a certain spending threshold or buy a specific product.
  2. This marketing strategy helps to improve customer loyalty, increase average order value, and attract new customers by creating a sense of excitement and exclusivity around the promotion.
  3. Successful Gift with Purchase campaigns require careful planning, including a well-thought-out selection of the gift items, effective promotion, and logistics management to ensure gift availability and timely delivery to customers.

Importance of Gift with Purchase

The digital marketing term “Gift with Purchase” is important because it is a powerful promotional strategy that incentivizes customers to make a purchase by offering them an additional product or service without any extra cost.

This tactic not only helps to increase sales, but also fosters customer loyalty, generates positive word-of-mouth, and enhances brand reputation.

By providing added value to their purchase, customers feel more satisfied with their overall shopping experience, which in turn, leads to higher retention rates and repeat business.

Furthermore, this strategy allows companies to introduce new products, strengthen product awareness, and clear out inventory, all while driving conversion and revenue growth.


Gift with Purchase (GWP) is a valuable marketing tactic utilized by businesses to incentivize customer purchases and develop strong customer relationships. The purpose of this approach is to provide an attractive offer that encourages consumers to make a purchase they might not have otherwise considered, while also increasing the perceived value of the product or service being sold. In a competitive market where businesses strive to stand out, GWP promotions play a crucial role in stimulating customer interest and facilitating sales.

They also create a sense of urgency to buy, as these gift offers are typically available for a limited time or on a first-come, first-served basis, prompting customers to act promptly to take advantage of the enticing reward. Beyond directly bolstering sales figures, Gift with Purchase marketing has the added benefit of fostering brand loyalty and enhancing customer satisfaction. When customers receive an additional item alongside their original purchase, they perceive it as an expression of appreciation and goodwill from the company.

This sentiment can lead to increased positive word-of-mouth marketing and contribute to a positive brand image, as customers are more likely to recommend a business that has provided them with extra value exceeding their expectations. Moreover, the bonus item or service itself can often serve as a trial opportunity for a related product, potentially widening the scope of future purchases with the brand. In essence, GWP strategy not only drives immediate business results but also nurtures long-term customer engagement to propel future growth.

Examples of Gift with Purchase

Beauty Brands: Cosmetics and skincare companies, such as Clinique and Estée Lauder, are known for offering a “Gift with Purchase” promotion. For example, when a customer spends a certain amount on their products, they receive a complimentary set consisting of sample-size makeup, skincare, or beauty accessories. This not only provides the customers with an incentive to spend more, but also gives them an opportunity to try out new products they may not have considered before.

Clothing Retailers: Some apparel brands, such as Victoria’s Secret or H&M, offer free “Gift with Purchase” items to promote new collections or to encourage customers to spend a specified amount. For instance, Victoria’s Secret could give away a free tote bag or a small accessory when customers make a qualifying purchase during a limited promotional period. This helps boost sales, attract new customers, and create a sense of urgency during the promotion.

Technology Companies: Electronics and tech retailers frequently create “Gift with Purchase” promotions to entice customers to buy certain products or packages. For example, a wireless carrier might offer a free smart accessory, such as a smartwatch or wireless headphones, with the purchase of a new smartphone. Another example is when a video game retailer bundles a free game or gift card with the purchase of a new console. These offers help increase the perceived value of the purchase and can encourage customers to choose that particular brand over competitors.

Gift with Purchase FAQ

What is a Gift with Purchase promotion?

A Gift with Purchase (GWP) promotion is a marketing strategy where a customer receives a complimentary item or service when they purchase a product. This is often used by businesses to encourage sales and add value to their offerings.

How can I redeem my Gift with Purchase?

To redeem your Gift with Purchase, simply follow the instructions provided by the store during checkout. This may involve adding the bonus gift to your cart, applying a promotional code, or the gift may be added automatically upon purchase.

Is the Gift with Purchase available for all products?

Gift with Purchase promotions are typically available for select products or based on a minimum purchase amount. The specifics of the promotion can be found in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

Can I combine a Gift with Purchase with other promotions?

Combining promotions varies by retailer and specific offer. Some may allow combining a GWP with other promotions, while others may not. Check the terms and conditions of the promotions for details on combining offers.

How long does the Gift with Purchase offer last?

The duration of a Gift with Purchase offer varies by promotion. Some may last for a limited time, while others are ongoing. Be sure to check the promotion details for timeframe and availability.

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