Definition of Guest Speaker

A guest speaker in the context of digital marketing is an industry expert or influencer invited to share their knowledge, experience, or unique perspective during a webinar, podcast, conference, or other virtual or in-person event. They enhance the credibility and value of the event, attracting a wider audience and promoting active engagement. Guest speakers diversify the content and spark interest by breaking up the monotony of a single host or voice.


The phonetic spelling of “Guest Speaker” using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is: /ɡɛst ‘spiːkər/

Key Takeaways

  1. Guest speakers share their expertise and real-world experiences, providing valuable insights to the audience.
  2. They can inspire and motivate attendees, encouraging them to think differently about specific topics or challenges.
  3. Guest speakers also provide an opportunity for networking and creating connections in a particular industry or field.

Importance of Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker is an important term in digital marketing as it refers to an industry expert or an influential individual who shares their knowledge, experience, and insights with a broader audience, often during webinars, podcasts, conferences, or online events.

Incorporating guest speakers in digital marketing initiatives helps in increasing the credibility and value of the content being delivered, while also driving a higher level of audience engagement.

These speakers can attract a more diverse range of attendees and potential leads due to their established reputation and following.

Moreover, collaborations with guest speakers can boost brand visibility, generate backlinks, and expand networking opportunities, ultimately leading to increased growth and a stronger online presence for the host organization.


A guest speaker plays an essential role in the digital marketing landscape, by providing new perspectives, valuable insights, and expert knowledge to a specific target audience. The purpose of inviting a guest speaker to a podcast, webinar, online summit, or social media live session is to enhance the credibility and diversity of content that digital marketers share with their audiences.

Guest speakers not only capture the audience’s attention due to their expertise but also offer a unique opportunity for digital marketers to venture into fresh topics and areas of discussion, expand brand visibility, and foster professional relationships within the industry. Guest speakers can help achieve various objectives in digital marketing campaigns – from increasing user engagement and social media following to generating leads and improving brand reputation.

By collaborating with a guest speaker who has a strong presence in their field and shares a similar audience, digital marketers can also leverage the speaker’s existing network to widen their reach and amplify their content’s impact. Moreover, the exchange of knowledge and experiences offered by guest speakers often leaves a lasting impression on the audience, boosting their trust and loyalty towards a brand or platform.

Overall, integrating guest speakers into digital marketing strategies helps marketers stay relevant, grow their audience base, and establish long-lasting connections both within the industry and with the audience.

Examples of Guest Speaker

HubSpot Inbound Conference: This annual event focuses on topics related to inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Each year, they invite influential guest speakers from various industries to share their knowledge and expertise with the audience. For example, in 2019, actress and entrepreneur Jennifer Garner was invited to discuss her lessons on building a successful brand, while celebrity chef, author, and TV personality Rachel Ray discussed her journey in building her brand and connecting with fans through digital marketing and social media.

Social Media Marketing World Conference: The Social Media Marketing World Conference is a popular event where professionals gather to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and tools in the world of social media marketing. As a part of the event, guest speakers are invited to share their success stories and insights on digital marketing. In 2020, the conference featured guest speakers like Mari Smith, known as the “Queen of Facebook” and Pat Flynn, a successful online entrepreneur and podcaster, who discussed topics related to social media strategies and online business growth.

Content Marketing World Conference & Expo: This annual event focuses on best practices in content marketing and features guest speakers who are experts in different areas of digital marketing. In the 2019 edition of the conference, Brian Fanzo, a digital futurist keynote speaker and Founder of iSocialFanz LLC, discussed how to leverage podcasting and live video to influence and engage audiences. Tamsen Webster, a renowned market strategist and Founder of Find The Red Thread, presented on the importance of creating compelling stories for your brand to stand out in the digital landscape.


Guest Speaker FAQs

1. What is a guest speaker?

A guest speaker is an individual who is invited to speak at an event, conference, or meeting in order to share their expertise, knowledge, and experiences with the attendees. Guest speakers can come from various backgrounds, such as business professionals, industry leaders, educators, or celebrities.

2. How do I find a suitable guest speaker for my event?

There are numerous ways to find a suitable guest speaker for your event, including networking with your professional contacts, searching online speaker directories, utilizing social media platforms, or even reaching out to industry associations and organizations that are relevant to the topic of your event.

3. How do I book a guest speaker?

First, research the potential guest speaker and ensure that they are the right fit for your event. Next, reach out to the speaker or their representative by email or phone to discuss your event, including the topic, audience, date, and location. If the speaker is interested and available, negotiate their speaking fee, travel, and accommodation arrangements before finalizing a contract.

4. How much do guest speakers typically charge?

Guest speakers’ fees can vary greatly depending on their expertise, industry, reputation, and the size of your event. Speakers may charge as little as a few hundred dollars for local events, while high-profile speakers can charge tens of thousands of dollars for large conferences or corporate events. It is essential to discuss fees with the guest speaker during the booking process.

5. How do I prepare for a guest speaker’s presentation?

Preparation for a guest speaker’s presentation involves several steps, including clearly communicating the format and length of their talk, providing them with information about the target audience, coordinating audiovisual equipment and any other presentation requirements, and preparing an introduction and a brief bio for the guest speaker to be included in the event program or marketing materials.

6. How can I ensure a successful guest speaker’s presentation?

To ensure a successful guest speaker’s presentation at your event, make sure to communicate with them frequently leading up to the event, provide detailed information about the audience and format, arrange for the necessary audiovisual equipment and support, and introduce them properly during the event. In addition, ensure that the speaker is comfortable and well taken care of during their stay, including arranging for their transportation, accommodation, and any additional needs they may have.


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