Definition of Hold Music

Hold music, also known as on-hold music or call-waiting music, refers to audio played for callers who have been placed on hold or are waiting in a call queue. It is intended to keep the caller engaged and reduce the perceived waiting time. Additionally, it may include promotional messages or company information embedded within the music to inform and entertain the caller while they wait.


The phonetic pronunciation of the keyword “Hold Music” is: /hoʊld ˈmjuːzɪk/Where:- “h” is pronounced as /h/- “o” as in ‘hold’ is pronounced as a long “o” – /oʊ/- “l” is pronounced as /l/- “d” is pronounced as /d/- “m” is pronounced as /m/- “u” as in ‘music’ is pronounced as a long “u” – /juː/- “s” is pronounced as /z/- “i” as in ‘music’ is pronounced as a short “i” – /ɪ/- “c” is pronounced as /k/

Key Takeaways

  1. Hold music helps to keep customers engaged and reduces their perception of wait times, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  2. High-quality, relevant, and non-intrusive hold music choices help create a positive brand image and enhance customer experience.
  3. Regularly updating the hold music and incorporating informational or promotional messages can maximize its effectiveness and showcase your business’s services or products.

Importance of Hold Music

Hold Music is important in the digital marketing sphere because it plays a significant role in enhancing the customer experience during support or sales calls.

As customers often spend time waiting on hold to resolve their queries or make purchases, providing them with a pleasant auditory experience through music can remarkably improve their perception of the brand.

Moreover, it serves as an efficient way of managing wait times and keeping customers engaged, thus reducing call abandonment rates.

By carefully selecting the right genre and tone of hold music that aligns with brand identity, digital marketers can effectively balance communication in customer service while maintaining a positive impression of the company.


Hold music, while not a direct term in digital marketing, serves an essential purpose in the customer experience journey in both traditional and digital marketing spheres. The primary role of hold music is to fill the silence during a waiting period, whether it is in a phone call, an online customer service chat, or even a virtual waiting room for an event. By providing a pleasant auditory experience, a brand can maintain customer engagement and reassure the customer that their request is being taken care of professionally and promptly.

Additionally, hold music is often used as a subtle marketing tool to reflect the brand’s personality and create a sense of brand affinity. In digital marketing specifically, hold music can encompass background tunes for online customer support platforms where users may experience waiting times. This can be particularly important with the increasing use of chatbots and live chat integrations on websites or apps.

Attention spans in the digital realm tend to be shorter, so by offering hold music and periodically updating customers on their expected wait time, businesses can minimize the frustration and abandon rate. Furthermore, hold music can elevate the user’s overall experience, leaving a positive impression towards the brand. Ultimately, hold music is a strategy that can lead to an enhanced customer experience, ensuring a continued relationship, and contributing to the success of digital marketing endeavors.

Examples of Hold Music

Hold Music, also known as on-hold music or telephone hold music, is the background music that plays while a customer is placed on hold during a phone call to a business. Digital marketing may not directly relate to hold music, but it can be an important aspect of a positive customer experience. Here are three real-world examples:

Call Centers: In large customer service centers or any business that answers phone calls for inquiries, feedback, or support services, hold music is common practice. For example, when you call an internet service provider or the customer support line of an online retailer, you will likely encounter hold music while you wait for your call to be transferred to an available representative.

Medical and Dental Clinics: Healthcare providers, such as hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, also use hold music when a patient calls for appointments, prescription refills, or billing inquiries. The hold music helps to create a calming and professional atmosphere while callers wait to speak with the relevant personnel.

Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions often use hold music during customer calls for services such as balance inquiries, loan applications, or account management assistance. This not only helps to convey a professional image but also improves the overall customer experience by making the wait time feel less tedious.In these examples, utilizing hold music can contribute to a brand’s digital marketing strategy by improving customer satisfaction and potentially increasing repeat business.

Hold Music FAQ

What is Hold Music?

Hold music, also known as on-hold music or background music, is a type of music that is played for callers who are placed on hold during a phone call. This music serves to entertain the caller, provide a better experience, and reduces frustration while waiting for the call to be answered.

Why is Hold Music important?

Hold music is important as it helps create a pleasant atmosphere for the caller, which can lead to increased caller satisfaction and customer retention. It also helps in reducing hang-ups and improving the overall call experience, as it prevents the caller from feeling ignored or forgotten.

Where can I find suitable Hold Music?

Suitable hold music can be found through multiple sources, such as royalty-free music websites, dedicated on-hold music providers, or by contacting local musicians and composers. It’s essential to choose music that aligns with your brand, appeals to your target audience, and is legally permissible to be used on your phone lines.

How do I implement Hold Music?

Hold music can be implemented by either using your phone system’s built-in music on hold feature or by using a third-party device like a music on hold player. The process to set up hold music depends on the phone system you are using. Generally, you will need to upload the chosen hold music file and configure your phone system to play it when callers are placed on hold.

Can I customize my Hold Music?

Yes, hold music can be customized based on your specific needs. Many service providers and composers can create custom hold music for your business, incorporating your brand voice, jingles, or other elements to make the hold music more engaging and personalized. You can also create a mix of different music tracks to cycle through, ensuring a more dynamic and varied hold music experience for your callers.

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