Definition of Hosted Email

Hosted email refers to an email service that is managed and operated by a third-party provider, instead of being maintained on an in-house server. This offers businesses cost-efficient, secure, and simplified email management with features like spam filtering, data protection, and anytime, anywhere access. With hosted email, businesses outsource the technical requirements of email management while focusing on their core activities.


The phonetic pronunciation of the keyword “Hosted Email” is:hoh-sted ee-meyl

Key Takeaways

  1. Hosted Email provides a reliable and secure email service that can be accessed from anywhere, without the need for on-site servers or IT support.
  2. Hosted Email platforms often come with built-in tools for team collaboration, calendar, and file sharing, making it a comprehensive solution for business communication.
  3. With easy scalability and the ability to integrate with other third-party applications, Hosted Email enables businesses to grow seamlessly and adapt to changing needs.

Importance of Hosted Email

Hosted email is an essential term in digital marketing as it refers to a professionally managed email service provided by third-party companies, ensuring seamless communication, increased security, and better efficiency in marketing campaigns.

By outsourcing email services to a reliable hosting provider, businesses can benefit from improved deliverability rates, reduced bounce-backs, and automated handling of spam and other unwanted emails.

Furthermore, utilizing a hosted email service allows organizations to focus on their core marketing strategies while enjoying the benefits of greater storage capacity, robust infrastructure, and diversified tools for optimizing email marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, hosted email contributes to enhancing the overall performance and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.


Hosted email services play a crucial role in facilitating effective communication within the realm of digital marketing. Its primary purpose is to provide businesses and organizations with a reliable, secure, and efficient platform for managing their electronic correspondence.

By utilizing a third-party provider, companies can offload the burden of maintaining and administering their email infrastructure, freeing them to focus on their core competencies. In addition, hosted email solutions offer a plethora of features such as email archiving, filtering, and enhanced security measures that aid in organizing, protecting, and streamlining workflow.

Moreover, hosted email solutions help businesses to optimize their marketing efforts by providing integration with various marketing automation tools, allowing for the seamless creation and distribution of targeted campaigns. In many cases, hosted email platforms include analytical tools that deliver insights on consumer behavior and campaign performance, enabling marketers to tweak their strategies for maximum impact.

The scalability of hosted email further ensures that companies can accommodate their expanding needs as they grow, all while keeping their communication strategies aligned with industry best practices. In summary, hosted email serves as an indispensable asset for organizations looking to capitalize on the potential of digital marketing and fortify overall business-customer relationships.

Examples of Hosted Email

Mailchimp:Mailchimp is a widely popular hosted email platform that enables businesses and individuals to create, send, and analyze email campaigns. Users can design tailored email templates, automate marketing communications, segment audiences, and track email performance through this platform. Mailchimp is a real-world example of a hosted email service because it offers a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that takes care of storing subscriber data, managing email deliverability, and providing analytics insights.

Constant Contact:Constant Contact is another popular email marketing service that helps businesses deliver targeted, personalized email campaigns. By offering customizable email templates, easy integration with e-commerce platforms, and tools to segment subscribers, Constant Contact enhances the user’s overall experience. The platform also takes care of key hosted email features such as hosting the email server, handling the email deliverability, and offering support for compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Sendinblue:Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that focuses on email and SMS marketing. This hosted email service helps businesses design responsive emails using pre-built templates, automate email sequences, track clicks and other engagement metrics, and even manage transactional emails. As a hosted email provider, Sendinblue ensures that the emails are delivered efficiently by managing sender reputation, supporting email authentication, and maintaining compliance with email marketing regulations.

Hosted Email FAQ

What is hosted email?

Hosted email is a service where a provider manages and maintains the email infrastructure on the user’s behalf. These services often include email hosting, spam filtering, malware protection and archiving, and are provided on a subscription-based model.

What are the benefits of using a hosted email service?

Hosted email services offer numerous benefits including lower in-house IT costs, as there is no need to maintain email servers internally. They also provide improved security, easy scalability, and professional support from the email service provider. Furthermore, hosted email services usually feature an intuitive interface that makes managing email accounts simple and efficient.

How does hosted email work?

In a hosted email setup, the email service provider manages all aspects of the email infrastructure, from server maintenance to account management and security. Users typically access their emails via a webmail interface or a third-party email client that connects to the provider’s servers using protocols like IMAP or POP3.

Is hosted email secure?

Hosted email can be very secure, as reputable providers generally offer robust security features like spam and virus filtering, encryption, and regular server backups. However, the level of security depends on the particular provider and their protocols. Users should review the provider’s security measures and choose a service that meets their security requirements.

Can I use my custom domain with a hosted email service?

Yes, most hosted email services allow you to use a custom domain for your email addresses. This feature enables users to maintain a professional appearance by using their personalized domain in their email addresses, instead of the generic domain provided by the email hosting service.

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