Definition of Hosted Webinar

A hosted webinar is an online seminar or presentation, typically in real-time, organized and conducted by an individual or a company. It involves interactive elements such as audio, video, and chat, allowing participants to engage with the presenters and each other. This digital marketing tool enables businesses to share knowledge, showcase expertise, and connect with their target audience in a virtual environment.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Hosted Webinar” is: /ˈhōstəd ˈwebəˌnär/

Key Takeaways

  1. Hosted webinars enable businesses and individuals to deliver engaging presentations to a large audience without the need for a physical location or in-person attendance.
  2. With advanced interactive features like chat, Q&A, and polls, hosted webinars can improve audience engagement, generate leads, and facilitate efficient communication between presenters and attendees.
  3. Using various metrics available, hosted webinar platforms can provide valuable insights into the success of the event, allowing organizers to analyze audience engagement, measure ROI, and further optimize their webinar strategies.

Importance of Hosted Webinar

The term “Hosted Webinar” is important in digital marketing because it refers to an online event or conference conducted in real-time, allowing businesses to educate, engage and interact with their target audience on a global scale.

Utilizing a hosted webinar enables marketers to generate leads, showcase their expertise, promote products or services, and build relationships with potential clients or customers.

By providing valuable content and fostering engagement, hosted webinars serve as a cost-effective and time-efficient tool for businesses to reach their marketing goals, establish brand authority, and expand their reach in the digital space.


A hosted webinar serves as an interactive and accessible platform for businesses to engage with their target audience on a deeper level, providing valuable information, insight, and expertise. The purpose of these events is to both strengthen existing relationships with current customers and attract new prospects by establishing a virtual dialogue that allows for real-time communication.

Built on a foundation of trust and credibility, webinars can enhance brand image while creating a space to share ideas, showcase new products or services, and offer exclusive insights that cater to the continuous learning of consumers in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With regard to its practical applications, hosted webinars offer numerous benefits, such as fostering collaboration, generating leads, and nurturing customer loyalty.

For instance, businesses can use webinars to elaborate on innovative strategies within their industries, address common challenges, or simply facilitate knowledge-sharing across their community. This approach positions organizations as thought leaders, armed with knowledge that is worth sharing, ultimately helping to establish credibility and attract new customers.

Additionally, by capturing valuable data and feedback throughout the process, businesses can refine their marketing strategies, ensuring that the webinar’s content speaks directly to their audience’s interests and needs—resulting in a more attentive, engaged virtual community.

Examples of Hosted Webinar

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Webinar Series: HubSpot, a leading marketing automation software company, regularly hosts webinars on various digital marketing topics, such as inbound marketing, content creation, and social media strategy. These webinars offer valuable insights to marketers, allowing them to implement proven strategies to grow their businesses. Interested participants can register for these free events, watching the webinars live or accessing the recorded videos afterward.

Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Webinars: Social Media Examiner is an online magazine and blog that features expert advice on social media marketing strategies. They frequently host webinars on different aspects of social media management, such as platform-specific tactics, advertising tips, and influencer marketing. By attending these webinars, social media managers can learn about best practices and stay updated on industry trends, improving their social media marketing efforts.

Moz’s SEO Webinars: Moz, a well-known provider of SEO tools and resources, regularly conducts webinars on search engine optimization and online marketing topics. These webinars cover a range of subjects, such as keyword research, link building, and local SEO, aimed at helping digital marketers enhance their website’s visibility and drive more traffic. Participants can learn from industry experts and apply the knowledge gained to their own websites, resulting in higher search rankings and increased organic traffic.

Hosted Webinar FAQ

What is a hosted webinar?

A hosted webinar is an online event or conference led by a presenter, and participants can attend the session through a web-based platform. Hosted webinars offer real-time interaction with the audience in the form of Q&A sessions, polls, or live streaming.

How do I sign up for a hosted webinar?

To sign up for a hosted webinar, locate the registration page or link provided by the event organizer. Fill in your required information, such as name and email, and submit your registration. You will typically receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the webinar.

What are the system requirements for attending a hosted webinar?

System requirements for attending a hosted webinar may vary depending on the platform used. Generally, participants should have a stable internet connection, updated web browser, and sometimes an installed application or plug-in provided by the hosting platform.

Can I ask questions during a hosted webinar?

Yes, most hosted webinars allow attendees to ask questions during the session. The presenter or moderator may utilize a Q&A or chat feature, encouraging attendees to submit their questions or participate in discussions.

Will I receive a recording of the hosted webinar?

It depends on the event organizer’s preference. Some webinars may offer attendees access to a recording after the session, while others may not. If a recording is available, you’ll usually receive an email with a link to view or download the video.

Can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Units (PDUs) by attending a hosted webinar?

Some hosted webinars are eligible for CEUs or PDUs, depending on the content and accreditation of the event. Be sure to check with the event organizer in advance to determine if the webinar qualifies for these professional credits.

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