What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a strategy used to improve brand credibility and trust through an online presence. Unique from traditional print, its reach is not limited by the distribution of the content.

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What Does Digital PR Stand For?

Digital PR stands for “digital public relations.” Similar to traditional PR, businesses use it to build brand awareness and credibility. The main difference is its digitalization.

How Digital Press Can Help Your Brand

While PR can build brand credibility and authority, it can also have other benefits. Digital press can help your brand:

  • Inform your audience: tell something unique about your brand or products.
  • Rank for Google: rank for search terms associated with your brand or products.
  • Convert Web Traffic: add features on your website to gain trust and credibility when customers visit.
  • Link From Other Sites: gain links to grow your web authority and link profile.
  • Provide Social Media Content: use features on your social media accounts as easy-to-create content.
  • Build Brand Credibility: associate well-known publications with your brand.

Overall, digital press can help your brand gain customer trust, push brand awareness, and, eventually, grow sales .

The Difference Between Digital Marketing and PR

The difference between digital marketing and PR is their target goals. While all of the goals are interrelated as a total marketing effort, digital marketing and PR take different roles in the overarching process. For example, brands can build credibility and authority through PR before moving into digital marketing. Having built up credibility and authority can make digital marketing goals, such as increasing SEO rankings, an easier endeavor. Meaning, digital marketing and PR work together hand in hand. Here is a comparison between the main goals of each:

Digital Marketing:

  • Building Awareness
  • Building community
  • Increasing Leads
  • Retaining Customers
  • Increasing SEO Rankings

Digital PR:

  • Building Awareness
  • Increasing Credibility
  • Gaining Authority
  • Improving Brand Messaging

What is Digital PR Content?

Digital PR content is a type of content created with the goal of being published in a target publication. The content includes two categories: sponsored and natural. While sponsored pr content is features, reviews, and full brand-focused articles, natural pr content is value-adding content with brand mentions, quotes, highlights, or lists within. The two categories have their own pros and cons. Audiences may see sponsored content as spammy and fake, while audiences may overlook brands in natural content. Finding a balance between the natural and sponsored sides is a good way of thinking about pr content creation.

Sponsored PR:

  • Feature
  • Review
  • Brand Story

Natural PR:

  • Mention
  • Quote
  • Highlight
  • List

Why Digital PR is Important?

Digital PR is important because it develops credibility and authority for brands. This credibility and authority can make other marketing efforts more seamless and smooth as the prospect may already know about the brand and product through the PR. Who would you want on a sales call: an individual who never heard of your company, or the same individual who saw an article about your company in Forbes? Digital PR adds a layer of trust to your marketing efforts that can make converting easier.

How to Get Started with Digital PR?

A good way to get started with digital PR is understanding your brand and messaging. Is your brand empathetic? Is your brand serious? What do you want your audience to think of when they visualize your brand? All of these questions need to be answered before writing content or reaching out to publications.

Want Help with Digital PR?

This article was written by Adogy, a specialized PR agency that focuses on high-quality placements. Our brain is split between creative, strategic, and the data analytics. We can help you succeed in implementing a digital pr marketing strategy. Contact us to see how Adogy can help advocate for your brand.

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