5 Online Marketing Trends You Need to Know About In 2014

Even though we’re well into 2014, it’s never too late to get up-to-date on the latest trends – which you can implement for 2015. But, what are some of the hottest marketing trends? Here are the 5 online marketing trends that you have to be aware of if you want to remain relevant in this ever-changing industry.


1. Mobile Apps Will Continue to Rise

Why has everyone been making a really big deal about mobile marketing? Because not only is essentially everywhere – 90% of American adults have a cell phone. And, you can expect that continue to grow. With the increase of mobile usage you can also expect simple, mobile apps to continue to dominate.

Take Instagram, for example. Users are sharing 20 billion photos a day. That’s extremely impressive. But, Instagram isn’t the only mobile app capturing the attention of mobile device users. Snapchat, WhatsApp and WeChat are just a few examples of social apps that can communicate with users while on the go. It’s time for businesses to start understanding these new platforms. These apps aren’t going anywhere soon, so it’s time to jump on board before it’s too late.


2. Expect to Pay For Ads

Whether you like it or not, be prepared to start paying for sponsored ads on social media platforms. It was discovered back in December that changes in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm resulted in “organic reach and organic reach percentage have each declined by 44% on average, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%.”

To counter this decline, it’s been suggested that marketers embrace paying for ads to reach specific users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all now offering sponsored content. Besides reaching your audience with educational content, this tactic will ensure that it will remain at the top of news feeds, instead of getting lost in all the noise.


3. Integration of Marketing Automation Tools

The Aberdeen Group has found that when used, marketing automation can increase conversion rates by over 50 percent. Marketing automation tool typically measure content management, email marketing, CRM, SEO, lead scoring and analytics, aka tools that make-up real-time marketing.

As marketing automation tools become more widely used, expect the integration of these tools to continue. In the past marketers had to rely on multiple tools to manage and analyze marketing automation tactics. Salesforce and HubSpot are just two examples of brands integrating marketing automation tools. To help you gain an edge in this area, you should also consider hiring a marketing technologist.

Included in marketing automation would be affiliate marketing.  More companies will be flocking to affiliate revenue as it’s a great source of online marketing revenue.  Affiliate revenues should account for around 15%+ of total online revenues.  This is one of the hottest ways companies are gaining an upper hand online as they employ their online affiliate sales force.


4. Professional Writers Will Be Important

While content marketing has already proven to be a useful method, the importance of quality writers will continue to become of the utmost importance. These are the people who will be writing social media updates, press releases or the articles that you publish on your blog. With such an emphasis on content it’s no surprise that writing is a big deal.

One way to illustrate the quality of writing is by using Google Authorship and Author Rank. These are becoming increasingly popular in Google’s search algorithm. In short, Google Authorship is a big deal and can help improve your marketing campaign.


5. Become a Part of the Internet of Things

It’s being anticipated that by 2020 there are going to be 24 billion connected devices in the world.  And the possibilities are endless in how brands can interact with customers. Everything from online payments to healthcare to lifestyle are going to be impacted. For example, Nike’;s FitBit is a wristband that syncs with your smartphone which displays and tracks anything from sleep to calories burned.

With the connected devices on the rise, business will have new opportunities to provide specific, engaging and memorable content. Just think about an ad for a cooking publication while using a stovetop touchscreen to find a recipe for diner. Endless possibilities.

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