Building Your List

1. Build up a database of prospects and customers. With this module you’ll be able to segregate your lists into their correct “pigeon holes” but that’s not all – you’ll also be able to keep in touch with all these subscribers (your prospects and customers) by sending individual messages directly to their inbox.

And furthermore, you can pre-set as many messages as you want to go out automatically at any time and as often as you want.

2. Contact your prospects and customers at any time. With another module you can send all of your clients an email at any time. This works really well if you have any news or special offer.

3. Sell all your products. Another module allows you to list all of your products, whether physical or digital products. So that if you place a link on one of your websites and a customer buys, this module handles everything – makes sure you get the money, send a “thank you” message to your customer, a notification of payment, and also further messages to keep your client informed.

4. Keeping track of your order. There is a module within this package that places all of your customer orders in one place. Easily retrievable customer details are available at the click of your mouse.

5. Tracking your sales. This package also allows you to track how your campaigns are doing. This module will allow you to test your sales material and track to see what works best and where. This is invaluable as it alerts you to what you should be making better and what you should stop doing. Thus saving you much work.

6. Don’t send emails too often.