Digital PR Services

Top-tier brand branding for small to medium size companies. 

Why Digital PR?

A Fast-paced Ever Changing Digital World

It is essential to have a strong online presence to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers. 

Journalism Has Changed Shape

With the rise of the internet and online news platforms, content distribution and channels has changed forever. To be heard, your company needs to shift too. 

Brand Credibility is Essential

Information, both good and bad, is everywhere. People tend to look for credible sources for what to do and how to make purchases. More credibility means more conversions.

The Power of Digital PR

Brand Credibility

Having an article in a credible publication is guaranteed to give you some influence and authority. With added trust, you can boost your conversions and ultimately, more sales.

Brand Awareness

By leveraging various digital channels to promote your brand’s message, you can reach a large audience and increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Boost Conversions

Visitors are more likely to engage with brands that are vetted by credible information sources. Increasing conversion rates a few percentages is massive ROI.

What Adogy Offers

We use and maintain pre-existing relationships.

The power in our agency is in our relationships with both our clients and journalists. We work diligently to understand and uphold the editorial standards of publications time after time, which is why we have built strong relationships and ties. 

Pay for only what you budget for

Adogy flipped the business model of PR agencies by offering simple digital media deliverables for customers. You only will ever pay for guaranteed placements, and will never hear from us that we “pitched” for no results.